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New Plymouth, 0430
New Zealand

Situated on the west coast of Aotearoa, with a hole in the ozone layer above their heads. Their hats have functional forms which often come with under-chin ties & include brim breadths ranging from brief to extra broad. In this climate, hats are essential. Theirs are hand made locally.

When they first met, the founders of Companion shared experiences around engagement with refugees. They had both used masters research projects to explore social enterprise models too. So somewhat inevitably a social business working with refugees emerged from their relationship.They make the majority of their pieces alongside a small number of migrants in Aotearoa who they have known for years and have become dear friends.

From its conception, Companion has experimented within & between the mediums of furniture & textile. Small scale manufacturing methods pivot around possibilities for relinquished control involving cross cultural co-creating & the re-use of textile ‘waste’. Seeking simplification, they have consolidated their offering to hats.