Our Ethos

A Sustainable Department Store brings consciously created goods under one roof. Championing independent makers, we make it easy for you to shop ethically and source beautiful items for every aspect of your lifestyle.

Whether it’s second hand ceramics or clothing made from fabric waste, A Sustainable Department Store unites brands through their shared philosophies. We only work with individuals who we believe are operating with the utmost respect for the environment and its people. This is an alternate vision of online shopping; one with style, sustainability and substance at its core.

We operate as a direct-to-consumer store. This means every order placed is shipped directly from the maker, minimising additional packaging and shipping and avoiding leftover stock from being marked down.

We are always looking for ways to minimise our own carbon footprint further, whilst bringing together timeless goods made by people who care.

Our Values

We believe in seven core values and only work with brands who follow as many of these principles as possible. Each value is based on our belief system of consciously-created goods made in an environmentally-respectful way.


We understand that not every product can be classified under every label. We are committed to working with brands who we believe are operating ethically and transparently, creating timeless goods that adhere to as many of these values as possible. As a business, we are always looking for ways to minimise our own carbon footprint further, whilst bringing together consciously-created goods made by people who care.

Organic and natural materials

We prioritise the use of natural and organic materials where possible, minimising textiles that are made using chemicals that can potentially irritate your skin and harm the planet. Likewise, we also stock products made using renewable and biodegradable materials that leave a softer carbon footprint. Whether it’s organic cotton or repurposed fabric that was destined for landfill, the brands we work with try their hardest to put ecologically-minded materials at the forefront.


Sustainability for us means consciously-created goods that are designed to last. We try to champion brands who are mindful about the environment in every aspect of their business, operating in a way that doesn’t put further strain on the planet. We tend to opt for designers who are as seasonless as possible - instead placing the focus on timeless, quality goods that aren’t dictated by trends.

Locally made

We aim to work brands who manufacture in the country that their business is based in. By minimising the supply chain in this way, designers are able to decrease their carbon footprint and support the local community and economy at the same time. Prioritising locally-made goods offers a sustainable and authentic alternative to mass-globalisation, which we believe can negatively impact the planet.

Fairly traded

We believe in products that are produced fairly and with consideration for the people making them. This means safe working conditions, minimum wages, gender equality and worker’s rights. We stock brands who we believe trade fairly, and therefore our prices reflect this focus on quality and equality. We think consciously-created, premium goods come at a cost that is fair for the people who produce them.


Handcrafted means items made by an individual, as opposed to a machine. We believe that making things by hand often results in a higher quality end product and helps preserve traditional craftsmanship in the process. The level of skill that it takes to handcraft goods places more value on the maker and increases the longevity of the item produced.

Cruelty free

We only stock brands who are cruelty free and therefore never harm animals. This means no product will ever be tested on animals either. We also try to prioritise vegan formulas and materials - the vast majority of our products are suitable for vegans and you will always find this information clearly marked on our product pages.